A wide range of solutions for personal and commercial vehicle tracking and Fleet Management System for all types of LTV, HTV, SUV, car, van, bike, scooter, rickshaw and trucks with PTA approved and branded devices



Giving you online full control for vehicle tracking system & surveillance IoT services. Live view on map, trips history with routes, remotely engine kill & resume control, rough driving sensors, instant app & SMS alerts



Awesome features at very affordable prices with best eTracker packages having different set of facilities & unique functions with lowest annual service charges. Choose most suitable package as per your needs



Tell us your requirements and we will provide you the best solution. Discount on fleet bulk orders and option to have customized package with desired set of features. You can call email or WhatsApp us 24x7

Monitor & Control Your Car Bike Truck 24x7 with
Fully Automated Systems & GPS Satellite Tracker

Now you do not need to contact the call center of the companies for unlocking your own vehicle before travelling anywhere
eTrack gives you full fledge access to online track and control your vehicle yourself anytime anywhere without any dependency on anyone

Live Tracking 24/7

View exact location of your vehicle 24x7 anytime anywhere with street level details powered by Google Maps on computer laptop via web app or Android or iPhone with mobile apps

Engine Kill & Resume

Online immobilizer feature can remotely turn off the engine directly from your app in case whenever you feel unauthorized usage. Engine cannot be started by anyone until you send the resume command

Travel History & Reports

View your past Trips, Routes taken will be drawn on map, all Alerts, Driving Performance like maximum & average speeds, total distance covered, total duration of travelling and much more

Geo-Fence Areas

Get notified when your vehicle cross predefined city boundaries. You can get custom defined area boundaries like home, office, factory, college, university etc

Safety Alerts

Warning alerts like power-cut, tampering the battery or device wiring, overspeeding, Rough driving alerts like drifting, hard braking, hard acceleration & anti-theft towing, movement or vibration detection in parking and many more

Standard Series

Enjoy full fledged control online with branded devices installed covertly hiddenly in your car. Access live location 24x7 with complete history of trips & routes along with unique and life-saving features like online engine kill control, automatic speed limiter kit, mic voice listening & rough driving sensors alerts

Plug & Play Series

Easily plug-in the device into the OBD port of your car or the custom made port in case of other vehicles. It does not require any installation and hence no original wiring of the car will be cutoff or tampered, hence the warranty remains intact and the dealership of your car creates no issue in claims

Portable Series

Small size, portable & rechargeable GPS tracking device which is easy to carry so you can monitor kids, elderly family members with mental health issues, employees, pets or assets which have no power source. Get alert on crossing geofence boundary like home, school, city or predefined personal area

Web & Mobile Apps

Access your E-Tracking Account via web app on any Computer Laptop and via iPhone or Android mobile apps anytime anywhere

Security & Control

Peace of mind with Power of control with live monitoring, Remotely online access Engine immobilizer and instant alerts

Reports & History

View your past Trips, Routes, Alerts, Driving Performance History and Summary Reports with option to email or download in excel format

App SMS Call Alerts

Stay updated with important alerts and take action timely via online App Push Notifications, SMS and Auto Robot Call alert services

Monitor & control the driving style behavior of drivers constantly with help of rough driving sensors alerts for hard braking, accelerator, corner drifting & monitoring voices in car
You will get these alerts on the web, sms and app instantly so you can take necessary actions at the right time to prevent any kind of accident, tragedy or loss


View the exact location of your vehicle on map 24 x 7 anytime anywhere

Online Engine

Control your vehicle engine online if you feel unauthorized usage

Geo-fence Area

Alert the owner when your vehicle cross a predefined city or area boundary

View History
& Reports

View your past trips routes history and performance summary reports

Battery Tamper

Get alert when someone try to cutoff or tamper vehicle battery or tracking device


Device type with hidden installation with ability to control engine immobilizer

Plug & Play

Device type OBD don't require any wire cutting so car warranty does not void


Device type is small & rechargeable, to track asset having no power source

Voice Listening

Listen all conversations of car cabin with microphone in real-time on call


Monitor & get alert when temperature rise high in the goods compartment


Warning alert when someone try to even touch the hidden device


Alert the owner when someone try to tow vehicle while in parking state

High Accuracy

Extremely precise and accurate location with branded GNSS and GPS


Extremely power efficient GSM hardware so vehicle battery is not drained

Built-in Backup

The safety backup battery will ensure to realize main power failure

Over speeding

Notify the owner when vehicle exceeds the predefined speed limit

Automatic Speed
Limit Controller

Auto engine kill on over speed, force you to drive within preset speed range

Ignition Start

Get notified whenever vehicle engine ignition is turned-on

Engine idle
Running Alert

Alert the owner when car is not travelling but engine is running continuously


Automatic reminders for engine tuning or oil change based on KMs travelled


Alert you when sensors detects bad or rough driving behavior


Alert when someone drives roughly and apply brakes very hard

Drifitng Sliding
Hard Cornering

Alert when driver try drifting or take sharp cut on corner turn of the road


Alert when driver try to press accelerator very hard like racing style

Crash Detection

Alert if car hits somewhere very hard or it crashes or flip over into a ditch


Our system also records total engine hours run, helpful in several use cases

Approx Fuel

Gives you estimated fuel consumed in trips without any hardware


Installation is done hidden covertly, so nobody can see or touch the device


Auto immobilize engine when detect GSM signal jamming for protection

Online Buzzer
Alarm Control

Buzzer command in app which start high sound in driver cabin to alert him

Auto Robot
Call Alerts

Automated Robot Call Alerts Service for instant updates to the owner

Mobile instant
Push Alerts

Zero delays, get alerts instantly to mobile notification drawer

SMS Alerts

Get branded E-Tracking SMS alerts if you have no internet access

Email Fleet

Get important notifications on email for enterprise fleet vehicles

Fast Update

Location update interval faster than any other company average market

Mobile Phone

Get instant alerts & updates with all other features on Android and iPhone apps

Web Portal

Login via web app with internet browser on PC or any device


Easily navigate towards parked car with icon of mobile device current location

Customized settings

Customization of various settings & alerts as per your requirements


Manage vehicles with multiple users with different roles & access to features
Car Tracking
Platinum Package
Car Tracking
Premium Plus
Bike Tracking
Platinum Package
Truck HTV

Manage your fleet efficiently, increase productivity and reduce overall costs by identifying the actual factors and issues which are causing delays in trips, requiring high maintenance repairing of vehicle or damaging of goods. View driver’s performance and behavior with detailed routes of past trips drawn on maps with extreme levels of details like location position, speed, distance covered, engine hours and status of vehicle at each point of time during the whole trip

Track your vehicles on map with our branded eTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System. View live location, trips history, advance rough driving sensor alerts, instant push notification alerts, monitor and control your engine online anytime anywhere with our mobile apps. Awesome features at very affordable price packages


Free home doorstep installation service at your place is also available on booking and terms will be applicable

Behtreen sastay packages zabardast features k sath. Apny mobile se rakhein nazar har safar per kabhi bhi kahin bhi. Live view, history, online engine control k sath sath alerts aur boht si sahuliyaat

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