Live Tracking 24/7

View exact location of your vehicle 24 x 7 anytime anywhere with street level details powered by Google Maps on computer laptop via web app or Android or iPhone with mobile apps


Get notified when your vehicle cross predefined city boundaries. You can get custom defined area boundaries like home, office, college, University etc

Engine Kill

Option to remotely turn off the engine in case whenever you feel unauthorized usage. Engine cannot be started until you send the resume command

Safety Alerts

Warning alerts on tampering the battery or device, overspeeding, Rough driving like drifting, hard braking, hard acceleration or tow theft detection and many more

Real-Time Tracking

View exact location of your vehicle 24 x 7 anytime anywhere

Engine Kill

Online turn-off engine & power if you feel unauthorized usage

Reports & History

View your past 3-Month history and reports

Safety Alarms

Warning alerts when someone try to tamper battery or device

Geo-fence Area

Get notified when your vehicle cross predefined city boundaries

Direct SMS Alerts

Option to get notifications via SMS on your mobile phone

Robot Call Alerts

Automated Robot Call Alerts Service for instant update to owner

Backup Battery

The safety backup battery will ensure to realize main power failure

Over-speed alert

Notify when vehicle exceeds the preset speed limit


Notify user immediately in case of harsh or rough driving

Anti-theft sensor

Notification alert when someone try to even touch the hidden device


Alert the owner when someone try to tow vehicle in ignition off state

Engine Start Alert

Get notified whenever vehicle engine ignition is turned-on

Engine idle Run Alert

Stop fuel wastage by alert if engine is running idle and car not travelling

Fast Update Interval

Location update interval faster than any other company average market

Approx Fuel USed

Gives you estimated fuel consumed in trips without any hardware

Crash Detection

Get alert when car hits somewhere hardly or crash into a ditch


When someone drives roughly and do hard braking get alerts

Drifitng Sliding
Hard Cornering

When someone drives roughly and do drifting on road corners


When someone drives roughly and do hard accelerator get alerts

Realtime - Secure - Reliable

Giving you full control for tracking and surveillance services

Experience the most innovative and life saving features

The below explained features are from different type of services. So the set of features included in your service is mentioned separately on the package page


Immobilize vehicle on GSM jamming detection for protection

Email Alerts

Get important notifications for enterprise fleet vehicles


Extremely power efficient so vehicle battery cannot be drained

High Accuracy

Extremely precise and accurate location with GNSS and GPS

Automatic Speed Limiter Kit

Controller will auto kill the engine when detects overspeeding

Remote Control Buzzer Alarm

Start a buzzer like an indicator to contact or alert the driver

Voice Monitoring
on call

Listen all voices in vehicle with microphone in real-time on call

Two-Way Calling System

In case of emergency you can talk with driver via calling system


Thumb sized button sends an emergency alert to the owner

Remote Control FlashLights

Online command based flasher and light controlling system

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor temperature & humidity in vehicle and get alerts when high


Mobile app for person tracking showing your own current location

Web app

Access your account via web-app on any device of any platform

Mobile Apps

Fast and better user experience on Android and iPhone apps

Custom settings

Customization of various settings as per your requirements


Manage vehicles with option of multiple users with roles

Monitor & Control Your Car Bike Truck 24×7 with our Fully Automated Systems & GPS Satellite Tracker

Web & Mobile App

Access your Account from any Computer laptop or mobile phone anytime anywhere

Security & Control

Peace of mind with Power of control like Remotely Online turn off the Engine and alerts

Reports & History

View your past Trips, Routes, Alerts, Driving Performance Reports and Summary

SMS & Call Alerts

Stay updated with important Alerts & Notifications via SMS or automated robot Call alert services

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