Auto Speed Controller

Engine will be automatically killed whenever driver try to overspeed

We always try to solve the problems and difficulties faced by people and then after putting in a lot of effort, careful designing and implementation, we offer our customers unique and life saving solutions and that’s the real motto behind our company name “E-Tracking Solutions”.

The “Auto Speed Controller” is a system which actually acts as a speed limiter to a predefined speed limit. Whenever the driver tries to exceed the preset limit the system will kill the engine automatically. So there is no way the user can overspeed and put himself/herself in a dangerous accident or situation.

This system is greatly useful for parents who give their children cars or bikes who are actually not very experienced drivers and can harm themselves or vehicles just by exceeding the speed limits. Overspeeding is a common cause of road accidents, so our system is really a beneficial and life-saving solution to protect or such untrained kids/teens or new drivers which actually helps in avoiding any mishaps and incidents.


View exact location of your vehicle 24 x 7 anytime anywhere

Auto Speed

Automatically engine turn-off whenever detects overspeeding

Rough Driving
Sensor Alerts

Monitoring of rough and harsh
bad driving patterns

SMS alerts

Stay updated with alerts of ignition geofence rough driving etc.

Take necessary action in time

Giving you full control for tracking and surveillance services
Experience the most innovative and life saving features


Access your account via web-app on any device of any platform


Better user experience on both Android and iPhone


You can customize various settings as per your requirements


Option to create multiple users upto 3 users for one vehicle.

Live Tracking 24/7

View exact location of your vehicle 24 x 7 anytime anywhere with street level details powered by Google Maps on computer laptop via web app or Android or iPhone with mobile apps


Get notified when your vehicle cross predefined city boundaries. You can get custom defined area boundaries like home, office, factory, college, university etc

Engine Kill

Online immobilizer feature which can remotely turn off the engine directly from your app in case whenever you feel unauthorized usage. Engine cannot be started by anyone until you send the resume command

Safety Alerts

Warning alerts like power-cut, tampering the battery or device wiring, overspeeding, Rough driving alerts like drifting, hard braking, hard acceleration & anti-theft towing, movement or vibration detection in parking and many more

Web & Mobile App

Access your Account from any Computer laptop or mobile phone anytime anywhere

Security & Control

Peace of mind with Power of control like Remotely turn off the Engine and alerts

Reports & History

View your past Trips, Routes, Alerts, Driving Performance Reports and Summary

SMS Alerts Service

Stay up to date with all Notifications via SMS when you have no Internet Access