Truck HTV Premium-Plus


Truck tracker with live view 24/7 on any device. Live view on maps with detailed streets views and labels of places. View reports of trips, routes, movement, driving behavior and performance. Basic alerts are also included.

After 1st year you will only have to pay the annual service charges mentioned on pricing page of car tracking, click here to view.


  • Live View Tracking 24/7
  • High Accuracy GPS chipset
  • Trips & Routes History
  • Alerts & Events History
  • Driving Detail Logs & Reports
  • Summary Day Wise Report
  • Total Distance Travelled
  • Total Engine Hours Run
  • Backup Battery
  • Device Tamper Alert (app + sms + call)
  • Battery Power Cutoff Alert (app + sms + call)
  • Faster Update interval
  • Web Portal Login
  • Android + iOS Mobile Apps
  • SMS + App instant Alerts Service
  • Ignition ON+OFF Alert (app)
  • Over Speed Alert (app)
  • GeoFence Exit + Enter Alert 60+ Cities (app + sms)
  • Custom GeoFence 2 Personal Areas like office factory or school boundary
  • Approx Calculated Fuel Spent on Trips
  • Anti Theft Vibration Sensor
  • Towing Detection Alert (app + sms)
  • One Extra view-only User Account
  • Current Active Trip Distance
  • Engine idle Running Alert (app + sms)
  • Engine Tuning Reminder (app + sms +call)
  • Oil Change Reminder (app + sms + call)
  • Custom Alert on KMs / Engine Hours

Select One Online Controller:
1- Manual Buzzer Alarm ON/OFF
2- Manual Flash Lights ON/OFF
3- Auto Buzzer on Jammer Detect
4- Auto Buzzer on Over Speeding

Automated Robot Call Alert Service:
Call on Battery Tamper / Power CutOff
Call on GeoFence Exit 1 Area
Call on Maintenance 2 Reminders
Call on Tow / Vibration Detection *
Call on Over Speeding *
Call on Customized Alert *

Notification & Alerts Methods included:

  • Device Tamper Alert
    (app + sms + call)
  • Battery Power Cutoff Alert
    (app + sms + call)
  • GeoFence Entry + Exit Alerts 60+
    app 60-citites (entry + exit)
    sms 60-cities (exit)
    call on 1 city (exit)
  • Ignition ON + OFF Alerts
    app (on + off alert)
  • Over Speed Alert
  • Towing Detection Alert
    (app + sms)
  • Engine Kill / Resume Alert
  • Custom Geofence Your 2 Areas
    app (entry + exit)
    sms (exit)
  • Engine idle Running Alert
    (app + sms)
  • Engine Tuning Reminder
    (app + sms + call)
  • Oil Change Reminder
    (app + sms + call)

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  • Some Features are dependent on vehicle type and compatibility
  • So ordered package features and pricing will be first confirmed after evaluation by technical team
  • No hidden charges, No other extra charges
  • Each package price includes first year’s annual service charges, tracking device rental lease and installation charges
  • After one year you will have to pay only the respective e-tracker “Annual Service Renewal Charges”
  • If you have a bulk order then fill this form for discounted prices, Click here to Get a quote

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