Truck HTV Premium-Plus



Truck tracker with live view 24/7 on any device. Live view on maps with detailed streets views and labels of places. View reports of trips, routes, movement, driving behavior and performance summary. App push notifications, sms & call alerts are also included.

After 1st year you will only have to pay the annual service charges mentioned on pricing page of car tracking, click here to view.


  • Live View Tracking 24/7
  • High Accuracy GPS chipset
  • Trips & Routes History
  • Alerts & Events History
  • Driving Detail Logs & Reports
  • Summary Day Wise Report
  • Total Distance Travelled
  • Total Engine Hours Run
  • Backup Battery
  • Device Tamper Alert (app + sms + call)
  • Battery Power Cutoff Alert (app + sms + call)
  • Faster Update interval
  • Web Portal Login
  • Android + iOS Mobile Apps
  • SMS + App instant Alerts Service
  • Ignition ON+OFF Alert (app)
  • Over Speed Alert (app)
  • GeoFence Exit + Enter Alert 60+ Cities (app + sms)
  • Custom GeoFence 2 Personal Areas like office factory or school boundary
  • Approx Calculated Fuel Spent on Trips
  • Anti Theft Vibration Sensor
  • Towing Detection Alert (app)
  • One Extra view-only User Account
  • Current Active Trip Distance
  • Engine idle Running Alert (app + sms)
  • Engine Tuning Reminder (app + sms +call)
  • Oil Change Reminder (app + sms + call)
  • Custom Alert on KMs / Engine Hours

Select One Online Controller:
1- Manual Buzzer Alarm ON/OFF
2- Manual Flash Lights ON/OFF
3- Auto Buzzer on Jammer Detect
4- Auto Buzzer on Over Speeding

Automated Robot Call Alert Service:
Call on Battery Tamper / Power CutOff
Call on GeoFence Exit 1 Area
Call on Maintenance 2 Reminders
Call on Tow / Vibration Detection *
Call on Over Speeding *
Call on Customized Alert *

Notification & Alerts Methods included:

  • Device Tamper Alert
    (app + sms + call)
  • Battery Power Cutoff Alert
    (app + sms + call)
  • GeoFence Entry + Exit Alerts 60+
    app 60-citites (entry + exit)
    sms 60-cities (exit)
    call on 1 city (exit)
  • Ignition ON + OFF Alerts
    app (on + off alert)
  • Over Speed Alert
  • Towing Detection Alert
  • Engine Kill / Resume Alert
  • Custom Geofence Your 2 Areas
    app (entry + exit)
    sms (exit)
  • Engine idle Running Alert
    (app + sms)
  • Engine Tuning Reminder
    (app + sms + call)
  • Oil Change Reminder
    (app + sms + call)

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  • Some Features are dependent on vehicle type and compatibility
  • So ordered package features and pricing will be first confirmed after evaluation by technical team
  • No hidden charges, No other extra charges
  • Each package price includes first year’s annual service charges, tracking device rental lease and installation charges
  • After one year you will have to pay only the respective e-tracker “Annual Service Renewal Charges”
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